Handcrafted by Theodore & Marissa Kovach

Cage & Lantern is a husband / wife team crafting and designing leather goods and accessories by hand. It first began when the Mrs. wanted to be a home maker and still bring home an income. Cage & Lantern was created to bring stylish and quality children’s accessories to the market, and has since then branched into handmade artisinal leather goods for adult, child and home. All of our products are handmade in small batches. Some products are made by the husband some by the wife, all products are made with 100% care and quality. Our goal is to create timeless leather products to last you a lifetime.

Teddy and Marissa are the self taught leather craftsmen behind Cage & Lantern
products and currently reside in San Diego, California. The Mr. served in the US Marines and has always had a knack for building with his hands. The Mrs. came from the corporate world and has always dabbled her creative spirit through many art forms. “We have a passion for God, our children, and the handmade community. As believers of good hard work, we feel privileged to be able to use our hands to be inventive and creative with leather. We are currently living the humble beginning and are making the best of what we've been given. The handmade community has been a huge blessing to our growing family through the years and we thank you all for shopping small! -The Kovach duo

How did the name come about? In 2010 during the wedding planning Marissa had collected antique birdcages and various delicate vintage pieces to decorate the venue (think garden/1800 period drama theme) and when the two came together Teddy voiced that those things didn’t represent him at all. That is where the lanterns and travel/outdoor theme came into place. Thus Cage & Lantern began.
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